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Evergreen Landscaping and Gardening Ltd was founded in 2007 under the joint management of two family brothers, Zakaria Iddrisu Apiiga and Nurudeen Tahiru, who were then workers of the Department of Parks and Gardens, a government of Ghana landscaping business entity under the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development

The business was finally registered in 2011 as a limited liability company with the Registrar General Department under the company’s code, 1963 Act 179 of Ghana


Our vision is to develop a company with a consistent and tremendous workmanship and services to in order to fulfill customer’s requirements and needs


We aim at fulfilling all the landscaping needs of our customers, from small everyday maintenance tasks to more comprehensive and in-depth undertakings. We understand the synergies between the various elements, including individual interest that come into play in creating a livable, beautiful environment that is a client's green space. We believe in an uncompromising commitment to quality workmanship and service. We employ good people, follow the highest standards, use the best supplies and deliver on our promises

Gardens today are an attractive and purposeful attraction to our homes and offices. We believe that at the end of the day your garden MUST be tailored towards your specific needs, with flow and design combining as one-to create a unique garden for you with its own personality

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